Challenges or Micro Modules are characterized by placing a real, relevant challenge from life at the center of students’ learning. This teaching approach is closely related to the teaching methods of problem-based and project-based learning, which aims to motivate students internally. The purposeful, in-depth nature of learning and the proximity to everyday life prepares both learners and teachers for lifelong learning.

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Finding new areas of application or circular solutions for recycled plastics

Plastic is a material that revolutionized our society due to its versatility and capacity to be used in diverse applications. The problem lies in where the material ends up after being used by the consumer and the value that it is lost as waste. It is essential to identify the areas where it is possible to have a closed-loop cycle – including reducing, reusing and recycling – of the material towards a circular economy. This module will explore the possibilities for plastic products to be reused, redesigned or recycled and the necessary systemic innovations needed.