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ECIU Learning Opportunities anbieten


Do you want to participate in the development of innovative teaching/learning offers based on Challenge-Based Learning or create micro-modules?
 Then please feel free to contact us!

Members of the TUHH can get involved as a Teamcher and accompany their own challenge, participate as a subject expert in a challenge or open their own course to students of the European partners of the ECIU network and offer it as a micromodule. 

Not employed at TUHH? You can also participate with your company, start-up, administrative unit, association, NGO or network as a challenge provider, subject matter expert, sponsor or as a learner in a challenge team.

Frauke Kasting (Organization of challenges and micromodules)
Phone: +49 40 42878 6190
Dr. Dorothea Ellinger (Organization of challenges and micromodules)
Phone: +49 40 42878 4819
Siska Simon (Didactic advice)
Phone: +49 40 42878 4628

As a Teamcher in a Challenge

As Academic Advisor in a Strategic Challenge (Challenge + Master thesis)

The Teamcher is supporting the ECIU- Challenge teams:
o in creating tentative plans for the teams´ work processes and activities in the whole Challenge-Baseed Learning cycle with it phases Engage-Investigate-Act.
o in the working process with pedagogical expertise concerning interdisciplinary, intercultural and international team work
o in potential conflicts and pitfalls to keep the Challenge-Based Learning process go on
o with innovation and creative-thinking, building student’s self-confidence to be the drivers of the learning process

Eldebo et al., 2022 identified three main roles that are required in CBL to cope with these tasks: (1) the teacher role, which is knowledge-oriented; (2) the role of the coach, which is oriented toward skills; and (3) the role of the organizer, which is oriented towards the challenge.

Teamchers participating in the first four rounds of ECIU challenges mentioned the following benefit:

gaining experience with unfamiliar yet promising new teaching methodologies and pedagogies

curiosity about the topic

a majority of teamchers believes that taking part in a challenge is relevant for students

wanted to foster students’ learning by providing new, (inter-)active ways of learning: “So personally, I always try to make them do more, discuss less and basically do something.”

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hier kommt ein kurzer Hinweis zu den teacmher Kick-Off unsre CBL Seiten und ausgewählte Seiten zu CBL der anderen ECIU-Partner hin sowie, wenn es dass dann wieder gibt Link zu den Workshopangeboten im I3PT und der ECIU

  • Supervise and grade one respective Master’s thesis that is developed within the CBL-process
  • Support the learners and give feedback on combining challenge and thesis
  • Stay in contact with stakeholders (e.g. challenge provider, main teamcher, coaches, participants)
  • Organize contact with external experts
  • Active participation in the milestone meetings and meetings for the academic advisors of the strategic challenge (approx. seven meetings in total)
  • Take an active part in the different phases of the challenge (engage, investigate and act), e.g. by giving feedback, networking with other supervisors and their master students

Academic advisors participating in the first ECIU strategic challenge 2022 mentioned the following benefit:

  • You get the chance to network with international, interdisciplinary experts interested in the same topics as you and set the ground for future cooperation.
  • You are part of a project that offers students a unique opportunity to write their Master’s thesis.
  • Increasing motivation of the students when writing the Master’s thesis
  • A more structured way of working when writing the thesis
  • A positive effect on the quality of the theses; students see their own thesis topic in a broader context

Read a summary or watch a short video on the first ECIU strategic challenge 2022:

Two participants in the first ECIU strategic challenge 2022 share their experiences in interviews: and

The strategic challenge is a six-month challenge that offers master students a unique learning experience. It involves writing a Master’s thesis (expected workload of about 900 hours or about 30 ECTS) that is somehow linked to the topic of the challenge. The maximum of 30 ECTS includes both the writing of a Master’s thesis and the work on the challenge, since both are assumed to be of mutual benefit. Examination and grading are conducted according to home university guidelines and regulations.

As expert in a micromodule

Partner from industry, business and the public

ECIU micro-modules are short learning opportunities of 1-5 ECTS aimed at developing new skills and cross-cutting competencies. They can fill knowledge gaps and foster skills required for successful participation in ECIU University Challenge-Based activities.

These learning opportunities can be seminars or lectures from the TUHH module catalog in which students of ECIU partners, participate online, self-learning courses, online language courses or summer schools.

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ECIU Micromodules usually consist of asynchronous online teaching and learning. The language of instruction is English and they cover one of the following content areas:
– Cross-cutting interpersonal skills or
– Extension in knowledge areas or
– Deepening in knowledge areas
They should conform to the ECIU Qualifications and Competences Framework, which is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations.

Dorothea Ellinger will be happy to support you in planning and preparing micromodules – from the initial idea to the feedback and evaluation concept – or in the case of acute challenges in the student teams.

In order for the challenges to be real challenges, the TU Hamburg is looking for partners from industry, companies and the public who want to contribute the following:

A willingness to work together with the students and scientists* on a relevant Challenge. This will be thematically related to SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”: Make cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.
Participate in a facilitated workshop with students and other university stakeholders. With the goal of developing a challenge that is appropriate for piloting the format and motivating for students.
Appointment of a concrete contact person to accompany the process.

You network with the international workforce of the future.
You get new perspectives and approaches to solving real challenges from your topic area
You gain access to the network and other innovative stakeholders of the ECIU.
You make a decisive contribution to the modernization of higher education.
You decide how much you can and want to contribute – from availability as an external expert to continuous project participation, everything is possible.

You can get involved in the challenges and micromodules in a variety of ways and in different roles!

Frauke Kasting will be happy to discuss with you what this might look like for you or the employees from your company, start-up, association, network or administrative unit.