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Review and Assessment Workshop 2 on October 26th 2021

Within the ECIU University and framework of Work Package “Challenge-Based Education” (WP3), we invite to the 2nd Review and Assessment Workshop on October 26th 2021 as a whole day workshop. All parts take place online and are open to all ECIU members.

Main Goal of the workshop is to continue the journey in implementing Challenge Base Education in ECIU without doing one pitfall twice with focus on pedagogical aspects. More than fulfilling obligations from the proposal we aim to use the workshop as an ECIU intern learning opportunity. In best, learnings and ideas from discussion will support fourth cycle of challenges as well as writing second ECIU proposal. The needs for part 2 and 3 are a result of our review and assessment workshop (and report) from pilot 1.

The workshop is divided in three parts with time slots of 2 h for each. All three parts somehow belong to each other based on the main goal but address different target groups, involve different WPs and could be joint separately.

Oct 26th

9 am – 11 am (CET)

Review pilot 2 from students and teacher perspective

  • Introduction into results from students interview and survey of pilot 2 (motivation, learning goals, interaction with challenge provider)
  • Introduction into results from teachers interview and survey of pilot 2 (motivation, personal goals, interaction with challenge provider)
  • Connect students and teacher perspective: Conclusions/Finding about facilitating and hindering factors in implementing CBL as well as needs from students and teachers
  • Discussion about findings and learning for future/cycle 4 and next proposal

Might be interesting for:
  • Members  of WP3, 4 and 7 as well as members froms Challenge operational meeting
  • teamchers

Oct 26th

12 am – 2 pm (CET)

Handshake between Micro credentials and formats of Assessment and Feedback


A tremendous efforts were done in WP4 and WP7 to define, establish, implement and communicate n of common working definition and terminology of mirco credentials. In addition, scalable and holistic learning offerings (incl. ECIU Creds) were created. On the other had in WP3.3 were done massively literature search and in pilot 2 students survey about learning goals. In WP3.2 a Task force Assessment worked out handouts and educational resources to support teamchers and student to reflect about their gained competences as well as to grade them. So far, a handshake between results of WP4 (connection to terms and processes in Competence passport/EUROpass), flexible learning path generated by WP3.4, WP4 and WP7.5 (?), learner transformation framework and material for learner and teamcher is missing. They do not correspond to each other, use different terms and definitions and no process how they connect to each other were created.

Might be interesting for:
  • Members  of WP3: especially the Task Force Assessment and WP3.4
  • Members  of WP4
  • Members  of WP7

Oct 26th

3 pm – 5 pm (CET)

Communicate Challenge Quality Criteria


Ensuring the quality of the challenges and other activities offered by the ECIU University is a crucial part. Converting a big idea (or challenge) into an interesting learning opportunity lies within a process called “the handshake”. It includes a quality-check of all challenges coming in by partner universities, before they can be submitted to the Challenges Database (CHAD) and thereafter published as offerings to learners. The main idea is to implement the quality-check in four phases whereby (a) a first check is carried out by the Challenge Coordinator and the Teamcher, (b) a second check is carried out by a joint ECIU Challenges Qualification Committee to ensure CBL suitability and finally (c) following an approval by the committee the challenge can be published. This process aims to bring consistency in the way challenges are collected, offered and presented to learners and will improve communication and promotion at the same time. This part is to inform Challenge Coordinator, WP5 PoC and interested Teamcher about Challenge Quality Criteria, present checklist and discuss how to use it in communication with Challenge Provider and for submitting Challenges to Challenges Database

Might be interesting for:
  • all Challenge Coordinator
  • Teamcher
  • Members  of WP5
  • Members  of WP3
  • Members of Challenge Operational Team
Please register up to October 20th.