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If Challenge-Based Learning would be an animal, which one would it be and why?

With this question we started right now in the discussion about Challenge Based Learning for the spring term in Teamcher Kick-Off on March 4th.

Summery of the Teamcher Kick-Off in March

But before the president of the ECIU University, Marius Martinez, gave them a warm welcome.  He explained to the new members, why this effort to deal with Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) is worth it and how we can actually make a change towards a modern education. He pointed out that flexibility and personal learning goals are the major factors that drive ECIU University apart from having a great opportunity to find friends and connections for a life time.

After this refreshing greeting the participants just started to discuss Challenge-Based Learning and the question regarding the animal.  As you might expect very interesting choices and reasons came up, e.g.

  • CBL can be an elephant because it is so big and powerful, and also has this strong bonding between the participants and in the whole ECIU University.
  • CBL can be an eagle because you can see the world from a distance but you focus on a small problem and get it.
  • CBL was pictured as “egg laying woolly pig” because so many different expectations are meant to be pleased by this method and it certainly offers huge opportunities.

After that we continued discussion based on a very interesting inside perspective of the University of Stavanger presenting their CBL research. They combined data from 5 group interview with survey results to investigate the learning opportunities and engagement perceived by the CBL students and teacher assistants during and after the challenge. Based on this Patty, Kenan and Sanaz recommended for the teamchers:

  • Maximise interaction between and among students themselves and with teamchers.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to take charge in connecting with stakeholders.
  • Provide space for learners to reflect critically on the challenge and their own learning.

So overall it has been a very informative session. We are happy to see the all teamchers again in the next round table meeting in that you have the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks as well es success stories or questions. You can join the next round table on the 01st April 2022 using this link https://tuhh.zoom.us/j/99392325119?pwd=MVBjcnFsTXQzZVp2b2psOE1adzlCUT09